PME offers diverse ways for communication between its members.


The IGPME Newsletter reports on topics from the PME community up to three times a year. Please use the menu options on the left to access the current and the past newsletters. You may also contact the newsletter editors to bring in any interesting idea.

Online Fora

As a registered user, you will find three IGPME fora for discussions on the PME members’ website.

  • AGM Forum
    Topics in this forum are proposed by members and started by the IC. You are invited to contribute to the topics that are currently under discussion for the next Annual General Meeting of IGPME (AGM).
  • Announcement Forum
    You are invited to use this forum to post any kind of announcement that does not require a discussion. For example, you may post position offers, announce conferences, announce books or special issues in the community.
  • Open Discussion Forum
    For any other kind of discussion within the PME community, there is an open discussion forum.

We would like to ask all PME members to subscribe to all three forums (you have to click the button subscribe on the forum page), so that you are always up to date with what is happening in PME.

PME Mailing List

For issues concerning PME as an organization, the IC uses a mailing list of all members of the PME community. To be included in this mailing list, please contact our Adminstrative Manager.

Please understand that we cannot send any other announcements over the PME Mailing list, but those that are directly connected to PME as an organization. Please use the announcement forum in such cases. Thank you.