International Committee / Board of Trustees

To run PME over the year, prepare and implement decisions made during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and do most of the everyday work, PME has an International Committee (IC) of 16 elected members, recently re-named “Board of Trustees” on PME becoming a charity. Each year, during the AGM meeting at the PME conference, four new nominees are elected for four years by the members present.

Being a part of the IC is a great opportunity to contribute to the PME organization. The work on the IC usually involves taking part in the IC meetings 1.5 days before, some hours during and 1.5 days after the PME conferences, and to contribute to the work in one of the four IC Portfolio Groups over the year:

  • The Vice President Portfolio Group which is mainly responsible for PME scientific issues
  • The Policy Portfolio Group which mainly deals with PME policy issues
  • The Secretary Portfolio Group which mainly takes care of communication within PME
  • The Treasurer Portfolio Group which is responsible for PME financial affairs

To stand for the Board of Trustees / IC or as President-Elect, you need to fill in the Election Form to introduce yourself and your goals for your involvement in the Board of Trustees / IC.

As PME will be applying to become a charitable organization, please refer to the information on PME_becoming_charity in case you are considering to stand for IC.

This form must be signed by yourself and two researchers who support your application. Note that you, your nominator, and your seconder must be PME members for the current year.

You hand this form to the PME Administrative Manager (Birgit Griese) at least 24 hours before the start of the AGM. You and your supporters should be present at the AGM, one of your supporters will be asked to introduce you shortly before the election starts.

Special conditions apply in 2021, due to the Corona pandemic and the fact that the PME44 conference will be completely online. Further information can be found at under Elections in 2021.

The main restriction for becoming part of the IC is that at most three members from one country are allowed on the IC at any time.

Current IC

Office  Person Country / Region
Elected E-Mail Address
President Markku Hannula Finland 2018 markku.hannula(at)
Treasurer Yasmine Abtahi
2019 yabtahi(at)
Judy Anderson Australia 2018 judy.anderson(at)
Chiara Andrà Italy 2021 chiara.andra(at)
Michal Ayalon Israel 2021 mayalon(at)
Vice President Arindam Bose India 2019 arindambose.ab(at)
Ban Heng Choy Singapore 2021 banheng.choy(at)
Policy Anika Dreher Germany 2018 anika.dreher(at)
Anthony Essien South Africa 2018 anthony.essien(at)
Ceneida Fernández Spain 2019 ceneida.fernandez(at)
Tracy Helliwell United Kingdom 2021 tracy.helliwell(at)
Secretary Jodie Hunter
New Zealand
2019 j.hunter1(at)
Maitree Inprasitha Thailand 2018 inprasitha_crme(at)
Helena Johansson Sweden 2021 Helena.Johansson(at)
Kotaro Komatsu Japan 2021 komatsu.kotaro.ft(at)
Christina Krause US 2021 christina.krause(at)
Daniel Sommerhoff Germany 2021 sommerhoff(at)

In the following information is provided on the Portfolio Group members. The Portfolio Group leaders are marked in bold.

Vice-President Portfolio Group: Michal Ayalon, Arindam Bose, Ban Heng Choy, Ceneida Fernández

Policy Portfolio Group: Chiara Andrà, Anika Dreher, Kotaro Komatsu, Christina Krause

Secretary Portfolio Group: Judy Anderson, Jodie Hunter, Helena Johansson, Daniel Sommerhoff

Treasurer Portfolio Group: Yasmine Abtahi, Tony Essien, Tracy Helliwell, Maitree Inprasitha

Past IC Members

List of past IC members