The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME), is a group of researchers, established in 1976 at the International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME3) in Karlsruhe, Germany. The aims of the organization are:

  1. to promote international contacts and exchange of scientific information in the field of mathematical education;
  2. to promote and stimulate interdisciplinary research in the aforesaid area; and
  3. to further a deeper and more correct understanding of the psychology and other aspects of teaching and learning mathematics and the implications thereof.

PME has between 700 and 800 members from about 60 countries all over the world. The main activity of PME is its annual conference of about 5 days, during which members have the opportunity to communicate personally with each other about their special and general interests. There are plenary lectures, research paper presentations, working groups, poster sessions and many other activities. Every year the conference is held in a different country.

There is limited financial assistance for attending conferences available through the Richard Skemp Memorial Support Fund.

A PME Newsletter is issued twice a year. The current newsletter as well as archived newsletters can be found on this website under: Newsletters.

Membership is open to people involved in active research consistent with the aims of PME, or professionally interested in the results of such research. Membership is on an annual basis and depends on payment of the membership fees (50 Euros) for the current year (January to December). To join PME, please go to: Membership.