To ensure scientific quality, most contributions in PME proceedings are peer reviewed. Indeed, a substantial number of proposals have to be rejected each year. Reviewers are senior PME members who had a substantial number of contributions to PME accepted in the past.

One issue is often that the text is hard to understand due to language problems. With the Pre-Submission Support procedure, PME offers help to researchers who have limited english language skills and not much support at their institutions.

If after careful consideration of the reviews, you still feel that the rejection of your contribution was not justified, the following groups of persons may be good contacts to clarify the situation

  • Members of the Local Organizers of the Conference (see 1st Announcement)
    Members of the International Programme Committee of the Conference (see 1st Announcement)
  • Members of the International Committee (IC), in particular the Vice President (responsible for scientific issues) but also any other IC member
  • João Filipe de Matos, the Ombudsman of IGPME
  • The role of the Ombudsman is to mediate conflicts between authors and the organizers of PME conferences or other PME committees, which arise from questions about peer reviewing. Please contact Ombudsman only when other approaches to clarify the situation did not succeed or can not be expected to succeed.