National Presentation (NP)

The country hosting a PME conference can include a National Presentation in the scientific program of the PME conference. The goal of an NP is to present to PME members of other countries the specific history, traditions and perspectives as well as the most important results of a national mathematics education community. Accordingly, the NP has to be organized as a combination of giving information about the national situation and relating/contrasting this information with international mathematics educational research.

Submission and Reviewing Process

There is no specific submission and reviewing process. The conference chair informs about the NP during the second IPC meeting and announces the NP in the program.

Presentation and Proceedings

A text of at most 40 pages describes the national presentation in the Conference Proceedings. One 90-minute session will be allocated to the NP.

The presentation and proceeding contribution should follow the PME formatting guidelines and must be in accordance with the PME publication ethics.