Seminar (SE)

The goal of a Seminar is the professional development of PME participants, especially new researchers and/or first comers, in different topics related to scientific PME activities. This encompasses, for example, aspects like research methods, academic writing or reviewing. A Seminar is not intended to be only a presentation but should involve the participants actively. PME can give a certificate of attendance to participants of the Seminar.

Submission and Review Process

A SE application must include

  • name of a coordinator
  • information about the topic and the goals of the SE as well as descriptions of specific tasks or activities to be carried out in the sessions
  • a short outline about the goals and/or activities planned for each of the two 90 minutes sessions

Two page proposals for a SE must be submitted not later than March 1st in the year of the conference. The International Program Committee reviews and selects the SE during the second IPC meeting. Notification of the decision of the IPC to accept or reject the proposal will be emailed in April.

Presentation and Proceedings

The two page proposals of accepted Seminars will be included in the Conference Proceedings. Two 90-minute sessions will be allocated to Seminars. After presentation, the coordinators of each SE are required to send a report of its activities to the PME Administrative Manager before the end of September following the conference. This report may be included in PME Newsletter.

The proposal and conference proceeding contribution should follow the PME formatting guidelines and must be in accordance with the PME publication ethics.